Developers Diary | Week 3

The Return

Third weeks highlight are your returning ships. After ships have been sent off in one round, they will now return from their journey and bring the goods from overseas. The amount of goods they return are dependant on the weather conditions on sea and the number of warehouses you have in the overseas kontors. Sending a ship away requires your home good Stoffe to be in your storehouse.  It will then be put aboard your ship and traded in the other city.

Doors Open

When you bought a Kontor in a city it will be ready for usage in the next round. All functionalities are available by clicking on your new Kontor in the town. You can then build new warehoueses and upgrade your defense by buying new cannons. Ships can now reach this destination and bring home new goods.

Busy Markets

Last but not least the trading has advanced and you can now buy Stoffe and sell all your traded goods from overseas. Market prices are rising and dropping.