Developers Diary | Week 6

Back from the whiteboard and Season Greetings

The last two weeks were a bit quiet, but some ideas grew out of that. The battleground concepts were put to paper and are ready to go. Also I designed the formular to make up the value of your company. A lot of small things coming along, tweaks here and there.

Mini-Games for the battles

Two small action games are coming along.

  1. Ship-Battle is out on the sea. Your ships versus the guys you attackt
  2. Harbour-Battle. Your siege on a kontor and warehouses defended by cannons.

New ideas for the Bank and the Harbour

The Bank will have a limit on how many shares of others you can have at one time. If you want to manage more shares, you need to buy in a manager. He will let you have more slots for shares to buy.

The same rule for number of ships you can controll in your fleet. If you want more ships, you will need a ships manager. He will let you own more ships.

Up next

Ships exposure to sea

Ships that you send to other harbours wear down and need to be repaired. The labour for this has its price.

Warehouses overfull

A warehouse in London has a volume of 900 units. If more goods are stored they will rott away and it is time to buy a new one. You can extend your warehouses five times.