Developers Diary | Week 8

The battle is on

Welcome to this weeks developers post. Here is whats new at the Merchants Company.

Some annoying bugs were removed under the hood but also this week the battlefields have opened. So beware of hitting that attack button in the city harbours, your ships sink aswell, and once they are gone, they are gone. But no worries you can buy new ones, if you can afford it 😉



Currently only the ship battle is armed and has effekt on your ships. The battle still is very simple and will be enhanced, but hitting those enemy ships will sink them after striking them 4 times. Enemy ships will also take aim on your fleet and sink some of your ships. If you sink all enemies or all your ships have been taken down, or all ships have left the battlefield, the battle is over and scores will take effect on both fleets.

Harbour battlefields under development

The harbour battlefield is under construction, but its already reachable from the harbour view. Aim for the warehouses or the defences. Soon they will be destroyable.

Bank house

The bank has had some bug fixes and buying and selling other players shares should be all sorted now.