• Bug fixes.
  • Removed E-Mail login - now you can login with unique user name and password.
  • Added english and german tutorial - accessable in top bar during game.
  • Shares of other companies can only be bought after players have finished their first turn.
  • Ships repairs are now done via slider.
  • Sending ships is now done via slider.
  • Attacking other merchants is only possible after they have reached level 2.
  • Map animation added for sending ships and other additional animations.


The map has come alive 😉 Enjoy watching the clouds move by or some birds flapping away. And just listen to those nice waves.
Trade's up!

English and German language

The game now is completly in english and german.

You can find the language settings on the settings page.

Good trading,

Merchant MacHopes

Bürgermeister Karzuhl takes the win!

Congrats! As the first winner ever of Company of Merchant Adventures you get this honoring post!

Well done! Can anybody beat the number of rounds to become the second ever Bürgermeister !?!

Trade's up.

The first entry to the highscores!

Project finished, goal reached

Welcome to this weeks developers post. Probably the last one, as all features are active and my origianl goal is reached. Project finished. ...for now

The Harbourmaster

The last feature added was the harbourmaster. He lets you manage a bigger fleet of ships. For a price. But if you have him, you can handle more than 10 ships.

The Stockbroker

The last feature added to the bank was the Stockbroker. He lets you manage more stocks of other players. For a price. But if you have him, you can handle up to 6 shares of other companies.

Project end

First in the Highscores!

Be the first in the Highscores and obtain fame and honor forever ! Get a special fame tag that will always show you as the very first to get the highest titel of Bürgermeister.

Trade's up!

Welcome to this weeks developers post. Here is whats new at the Merchants Company.

The two final features have arrived which are the dividend and the interest at the bank and the harbour siege game.

Also I've put a cogwheel at the top next to your name. Thats where all the settings to the game can be adjusted. Currently its only the reset of your game. Restarting will delete all progress made and set the original start values and towns.

The Bankhouse

The dividend and the interest at the bankhouse have arrived.

You get 1% dividend on all the shares you own from others.

You have to pay 2% interest on all shares of your own company that you don't own.

At the end of each turn you get your dividend added to your account and all interest get subtracted.

The Warehouse Siege

The second attack game is armed. Take care when attacking your opponents warehouses. Their defense will sink some of your ships.

The defense wall can be taken down when hitting it a few times. Defense cannons need one hit to be destroyed. Warehouses need two hits.

Man the cannons!

The battle is on

Welcome to this weeks developers post. Here is whats new at the Merchants Company.

Some annoying bugs were removed under the hood but also this week the battlefields have opened. So beware of hitting that attack button in the city harbours, your ships sink aswell, and once they are gone, they are gone. But no worries you can buy new ones, if you can afford it 😉



Currently only the ship battle is armed and has effekt on your ships. The battle still is very simple and will be enhanced, but hitting those enemy ships will sink them after striking them 4 times. Enemy ships will also take aim on your fleet and sink some of your ships. If you sink all enemies or all your ships have been taken down, or all ships have left the battlefield, the battle is over and scores will take effect on both fleets.

Harbour battlefields under development

The harbour battlefield is under construction, but its already reachable from the harbour view. Aim for the warehouses or the defences. Soon they will be destroyable.

Bank house

The bank has had some bug fixes and buying and selling other players shares should be all sorted now.

The last assignment

Welcome to this weeks Post. Here is whats new at the Merchants Company.

Most of the features are now working and need to be balanced or fine tuned. The last assignment are the two mini-games that allow players to attack each other.


New this week

As mentioned in last weeks post, ships are now taking damage from sea journeys. Take care of them and maintain them well, otherwise you will lose them.

Also your warehouses are now aware of that they can only take 900 units of goods per house. If they are overfull, goods will now rott away.

Small tweaks and fixes also are included in this weeks update.


Back from the whiteboard and Season Greetings

The last two weeks were a bit quiet, but some ideas grew out of that. The battleground concepts were put to paper and are ready to go. Also I designed the formular to make up the value of your company. A lot of small things coming along, tweaks here and there.

Mini-Games for the battles

Two small action games are coming along.

  1. Ship-Battle is out on the sea. Your ships versus the guys you attackt
  2. Harbour-Battle. Your siege on a kontor and warehouses defended by cannons.

New ideas for the Bank and the Harbour

The Bank will have a limit on how many shares of others you can have at one time. If you want to manage more shares, you need to buy in a manager. He will let you have more slots for shares to buy.

The same rule for number of ships you can controll in your fleet. If you want more ships, you will need a ships manager. He will let you own more ships.

Up next

Ships exposure to sea

Ships that you send to other harbours wear down and need to be repaired. The labour for this has its price.

Warehouses overfull

A warehouse in London has a volume of 900 units. If more goods are stored they will rott away and it is time to buy a new one. You can extend your warehouses five times.